Information Concerning Publication

Review Policy

All papers that submitted to the committee will take several phases of review, as follows:

  1. Originality of the manuscript, the committee will check the Similarity level using the TURNITIN application, for manuscripts and not submitted to the next review process. For Manuscripts that are less than 30%, will be asked to be revised until the manuscripts reach a maximum of 15%.
  2. Every manuscripts will be reviewed by the Board of Reviewers at least three reviewers (according to their expertise).
  3. Each manuscripts will be checked for the suitability of the format with the type of publication intended, if it does not match the manuscripts will be returned for revision
  4. Manuscripts that are not in accordance with the Focus and Scope will be automatically rejected.

Publication Options

  1. Accredited National Journal
NoName of JournalRank of SINTAPublication Fee
1Pandecta Research Law Journal2To be informed
2Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies2To be informed
3Indonesian Journal of Criminal Law Studies4To be informed
4Journal of Private and Commercial Law4To be informed
  • Reputable International Journal
NoName of JournalIndex & RankPublication Fee
1SOJOURN: South East Asian Journal (Focus and Scope: Humanities in South East Asia)Scopus, Q3To be informed
2Sur Journal of Human RightsScopus, Q3To be informed
3Health and JusticeScopus, Q2To be informed

The committee only facilitates submitting the manuscript to the editor and the decision is accepted or rejected is entirely at the discretion of each journal, not the organizer of the conference

  • Reputable International Proceedings
NoName of ProceedingsIndexPublication Fee
1EAI EUDLScopusTo be informed
2ScitepressScopusTo be informed
3SSRN ElsevierScopusTo be informed

Publication Policy

The publications of this conference are stipulated by the following conditions:

  1. Each title of the paper can only be written by a maximum of 2 people
  2. Each participant chooses only one publication output
  3. Publication fees are separate, not unified with conference fees
  4. All papers that have been reviewed and declared to be eligible for presentation must be presented in a special session at the Conference
  5. Paper that has been presented will be sent to the destination of publication in accordance with the selection of participants
  6. The committee does not guarantee the paper is published, the decision is entirely in the Editorial Board of each journal, the committee only facilitates participants
  7. The quality of the manuscript and the conformity with the format of the intended journal determine the level of acceptance of the manuscript
  8. The Publication Fee for the Journal is paid after the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) is received by the Participant
  9. Specifically for participants who choose Proceedings, the fee must be paid at the beginning. However, if the manuscript is rejected by Publisher there is no refund.

Paper Format

Each participant must strictly follow the paper format in accordance with the type of publication chosen as follows:

NoName of Journa;/ProceedingsDownload Format
1Pandecta Research Law JournalCheck conference website
2Journal of Indonesian Legal StudiesCheck conference website
3Indonesian Journal of Criminal Law StudiesCheck conference website
4Journal of Private and Commercial LawCheck conference website
5SOJOURN: South East Asian Journal*Check conference website
6EAI EUDL*Check conference website
7Scitepress*Check conference website
8SSRN Elsevier*Check conference website